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Increase Loan Retention Ratios

Increase auto loan retention ratios and the corresponding consumer relationships. Maximize auto loan program performance while delivering value-based consumer-oriented services.

Put Consumers in the Driver’s Seat

Allow qualified auto loan customers to easily and quickly adjust the terms of existing loans online, in order to reduce auto loan payments without the hassle of refinancing.

Maintain Control Behind the Scenes

Provide consumers with pre-determined loan adjustment choices without compromising lending policies or compliance. Select targeted and qualified consumers and corresponding loan(s), then establish loan extension parameters, so consumer-facing options remain within lending guidelines.

Simple and Quick

The intuitive interface allows the pre-approved consumer to explore a range of auto loan adjustment options. Once selections are made, the newly calculated loan payment and its associated monthly savings are displayed to the consumer.

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Close the Deal

IMM’s eSignature and eDocument technology prepares the adjustment document(s) in real-time for eSignature. There is no need for additional follow-ups as consumers easily complete the entire process in one sitting.

Reset with No Regrets

Consumers have the ease and convenience of resetting their current loan and reducing monthly payments without the burden of closing costs. There are no obligations to participate – and savings are just one eSignature away.

Generate Appreciable Goodwill

Making loan adjustment options available creates institutional appeal with consumers. Reduced payments can help alleviate family budgetary strains, assist with college or education expenses, or better handle unexpected life situations that come along.

Keep the Competition at Bay

Protect and retain your existing loan portfolio while warding off the competition. Empowering consumers with highly desired loan adjustment options eradicates disruption and early termination caused by competitive poaching.

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