easyLead for Auto

Dynamic auto loan lead and acquisition service designed to engage and attract consumers “real-time” to competitive auto loan offerings. Create new auto loan leads at a fraction of traditional loan generation costs.

Shop Online

Through easyLead’s intuitive engagement experience, consumers can explore a variety of competitive loan options that they will find attractive. Once finalized, your institution is notified of their selections.

Engage Consumers

The intuitive interface engages the consumer to easily explore a range of prospective personalized auto loan options. Once the consumer makes a preferred loan selection, the information is transmitted directly to your origination staff for follow-up and closing.


Switching Made Easy

easyLead attracts new customers and helps retain existing ones with its innovative, personalized engagement technology.

Grow and Save

With the simplicity, engagement and innovative technique leveraged with this revolutionary technology, new auto loan leads and resulting acquisitions will occur at a fraction of normal new loan costs.


Hunt Down
New Loans

easyLead technology generates new auto loan leads without disturbing current business operations. The rapid implementation can provide new leads within a few days, allowing your operation to quickly begin producing results.