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Times have changed and so have consumer expectations. What made a Financial Institution successful 20 years ago will not ensure success in today’s competitive market. A successful institution must approach their consumers and the markets with a new mindset, new products and services. This is especially true for lending programs.

That’s why IMM has brought our eLoan services to the financial industry. These next-generation solutions give the modern financial institution new ways to provide ongoing lending services to their customers, designed to retain existing loans and attract new loan opportunities.

We encourage you to take a few moments and explore our dynamic eLoan Services offerings. From easyReset to easyLead, these cloud-based solutions have enhanced the lending programs at several financial institutions. Once you explore eLoan Services – you will surely want to add them to your lending programs.

Revolutionary Online Loan Adjustments


This dynamic and engaging service affords the modern financial institution a new way to retain and protect lending relationships. Pre-selected consumers can choose from available loan options and make adjustments to their existing loans. easyReset allows the consumer to reduce their loan payment while enabling the financial institution to maintain the loan and consumer relationship.

Loan Lead Generation


This companion service is a simple tool designed to attract new lending relationships to the financial institution. Integrated directly with the institutional website, easyLead allows consumers to shop and compare available loan terms that best fit their personal situation. Desired loan terms are then submitted to lending personnel for follow-up and engagement with the consumer.

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Our eSignature and eTransaction management solutions power hundreds of Financial Institutions, driving both elevated consumer experiences and back-office process transformation. We’d enjoy talking with you to see how our technology can transform your business too!


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