The eSignature Company for Financial Institutions

For almost 21 years, IMM has focused on delivering innovative eSignature and eTransaction solutions to Financial Institutions, combined with an emphasis on client satisfaction and success. Today, more than 775 U.S. Financial Institutions are powered by IMM’s comprehensive eSignature and eTransaction technology. Our solutions enable convenient and simplistic business transactions for the consumer while creating a more efficient, cost-effective and compliant back-office operation.


With our track record of technology innovation, commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with our financial industry expertise – IMM is “simply the best” eSignature solution for your Financial Institution.

The Executive Team

  • Chuck Klein
    Chuck Klein Chief Executive Officer
  • John Levy
    John Levy Executive Vice President
  • Nish Shah
    Nish Shah Chief Technology Officer
  • Steve LaCarter
    Steve LaCarter Vice President, Business Development
  • Michael K. Ball
    Michael K. Ball Vice President, Markets & Strategy
  • Howard Klein
    Howard Klein Vice President, Operations
  • Shari Katz
    Shari Katz Vice President, Human Resources & Comply
  • Philip Elwyn
    Philip Elwyn Director, Client Success

The Management Team

  • Anusha
    Anusha Quality Assurance
  • Bindi
    Bindi Forms Design
  • Chuck
    Chuck Partner Success
  • Darlene
    Darlene Administration
  • David
    David IT
  • Jennie
    Jennie Installations
  • Rob
    Rob CH21 Special Services
  • Sunitha
    Sunitha Development
  • Thomas
    Thomas Support
  • Vidhya
    Vidhya Development
  • Viral
    Viral Professional Services
  • Wanda
    Wanda Client Success

The IMM Team

  • Alex
    Alex Documentation
  • Allie
    Allie Forms Design
  • Amita
    Amita Quality Assurance
  • Andrea
    Andrea Administration
  • Andrei
    Andrei Development
  • Anu
    Anu Development
  • Bill
    Bill Installation/Support
  • Billy
    Billy Installations
  • Blair
    Blair CH21 Project Management
  • Chris
    Chris Support
  • Ciejea
    Ciejea Professional Services
  • Corey
    Corey Client Success
  • Daisy
    Daisy Project Management
  • Dan
    Dan Support
  • Daniel
    Daniel Support
  • Danny
    Danny Installation/Support
  • David A.
    David A. Development
  • Deborah
    Deborah Comply
  • Dee
    Dee Administration
  • Donna
    Donna Client Success
  • Emman
    Emman CH21 Project Management
  • Erhan
    Erhan Development
  • Eric
    Eric Support
  • Florence
    Florence Administration
  • Francina
    Francina Project Management
  • Ginny
    Ginny Support
  • Giselle
    Giselle Administration
  • Hank
    Hank CH21 Special Services
  • Hillary
    Hillary Forms Design
  • J.J.
    J.J. Quality Assurance
  • Jane
    Jane Comply
  • Jatinder
    Jatinder Development
  • Jay
    Jay Installation/Support
  • JB
    JB Professional Services
  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey Support
  • Jenisha
    Jenisha Forms Design
  • Johanna
    Johanna Forms Design
  • John H.
    John H. Support
  • Joseph
    Joseph Client Success
  • Katherine
    Katherine Development
  • Kip
    Kip Warehouse
  • Kyle
    Kyle Professional Services
  • Larry
    Larry Support
  • Linda
    Linda Project Management
  • Lisa
    Lisa Bank Solutions
  • Michael C.
    Michael C. Installation / Support
  • Michael V.
    Michael V. Installation/Support
  • Neeti
    Neeti Quality Assurance
  • Nick
    Nick Project Management
  • Oliver
    Oliver Support
  • Patricia
    Patricia Comply
  • Peter
    Peter Information Technology
  • Petra
    Petra Forms Design
  • Prasad
    Prasad Development
  • Raj
    Raj Development
  • Rama
    Rama Development
  • Reema
    Reema Quality Assurance
  • Rose
    Rose Project Management
  • Russ
    Russ Documentation
  • Sagar
    Sagar Development
  • Sarah
    Sarah Forms Design
  • Shaun
    Shaun Quality Assurance
  • Sri
    Sri Development
  • Sunny
    Sunny Development / QA Liasion
  • Supriya
    Supriya Quality Assurance
  • Swetha
    Swetha Forms Design
  • Tely
    Tely Project Management
  • Trushal
    Trushal Installation / Support
  • Vibha
    Vibha Forms Design
  • Vincent
    Vincent Development
  • Xun
    Xun Development
  • Yogita
    Yogita Development
  • Yvonne
    Yvonne Forms Design
  • Zach
    Zach Marketing