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IMM’s innovative eSignature technology delivers value and benefits to any industry where paper-based transactions have been the traditional standard for transacting business. With our eSignature and integrated workflow technologies, IMM offers modern business organizations the opportunity to implement end-to-end electronic transaction flow—securely and seamlessly—throughout the enterprise. With electronic transaction capabilities, your business will significantly enhance the consumer experience, shorten transaction cycle times, and cut operating costs.


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Financial Services

Regardless of its size, any financial institution or financial services organization can benefit by introducing eSignatures into its operating processes. eSignature benefits span the entire organization, from the lending department to the deposit group—and all areas in between. In addition to enhancing your consumer experience, eSignatures allows financial institutions to close transactions more quickly, and expand market reach. IMM’s unique end-to-end integration provides seamless transaction creation and eSignature management for efficient employee use and makes the electronic signing process intuitive and easy for consumers. After the eSignature transaction is successful, our technology integrates directly with your Imaging/ECM systems to safely archive signed documents as permanent business records.


eSignature technologies are enabling profound movements in the medical/health record arena. With total discretion and privacy, patients using eSignatures can complete and electronically sign pre-visit registration documents from any location prior to their scheduled appointment. Disclosure, insurance information, and HIPAA related forms can be filled out and electronically signed easily and securely, eliminating the traditional burden of managing paper forms of medical records. Health care providers can significantly benefit from an electronic transaction environment, while enhancing security and compliance initiatives. Patients enjoy privacy, security and convenience using IMM’s technology to complete medical documents and forms.


Insurance companies, agents, and processors all find potential growth and benefits by adding IMM eSignatures into their respective technology portfolios. Using eSignatures allows the policyholders to complete and sign application documents quickly and easily, online. This allows new policies to finalize the underwriting and binding process faster and more efficiently than burdensome paper-based processes. Incorporating eSignature technology into the insurance policy process eliminates all paper-related costs such as courier fees, faxing and distribution. Servicing and claims-related documents can also be managed and processed electronically with IMM’s advanced eSignature technology, enhancing the overall experience for both policy holder and insurer.

Life Sciences

Through eSignature technology, IMM gives pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers the source for speed, value, and productivity gains through end-to-end electronic transaction management. By eliminating the cumbersome, paper-based transaction method, companies can streamline critical document processes and realize dramatic cost reductions. Moreover, the patient and provider experiences are vastly improved with secure, waste-free technology. From bringing new drugs to market more quickly, to delivery medical devices and surgical advances more efficiently, IMM’s innovative technology opens the world of electronic processing for the medical sciences industry.

Real Estate

Location…Location…Timing. Real estate transactions hinge on timing. With IMM’s eSignature technology, brokers and agents access the power to complete real estate documents electronically, efficiently, and without having the restrictions of in-office signings, document couriers, or location. Rather, electronic real estate documents can be securely eSigned at the place and time that is most convenient for all signatories. IMM’s technology revolutionizes the signing process for real estate transactions, transforming a transaction that typically takes days or weeks into one that can requires only hours to complete.Timing can be everything when it comes to making or breaking a real estate transaction. With IMM’s eSignature technology, brokers and agents gain the power to complete complex real estate documents electronically and efficiently, without having to rush to office appointments or courier documents to property buyers and sellers. Instead, electronic real estate documents can be securely eSigned at the place and time that is most convenient for all signing parties. In most cases, real estate transactions can be finalized and completed in minutes or hours – versus days or weeks associated with traditional paper-based processes.


Today’s students expect complete flexibility with their business transactions, seeking to complete them whenever and from wherever they choose. By implementing IMM’s eSignature technology, educational institutions and their administrators can allow students to complete and electronically sign critical documents, such as application and enrollment forms, student loan documents, and all other forms associated with the education system. Educators benefit from the electronic signing processing environment, reducing cycle time associated with enrollment and lending processes, gaining efficiencies and reducing costs that span the institution. In addition, academic institutions improve their relationships with student by reducing paper-use, becoming more personal and appealing to young students.


Federal, State, and Local government agencies are often regarded as paper-intensive and inefficient. IMM’s eSignature technology and electronic transaction management provides a significant opportunity for agencies to cut costs and transition paper-based process to paperless eSigning. Electronic transactions allow agencies to streamline business processes, dramatically reduce costs, improve productivity, and most importantly drive higher levels of service and convenience to their constituents.

Wealth Management

IMM”s eSignature technology provides substantial benefits for both investors and brokerage firms. For investors, eSignatures facilitate a quick and easy means of opening accounts, and execute trade confirmation forms without the burden of printing and mailing complete forms back to the brokerage. For the brokerage, eSignatures now make getting investor accounts opened faster and easier, saving costs, and eliminating the cumbersome process of mailing printed forms to the investor and the subsequent process of following up to confirm the paper forms were returned. eSignatures are a transformative aspect in the brokerage industry, creating a more secure and compliant electronic transaction processing environment.

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