Hiway Federal Credit Union® Credits IMM’s eSignature Solutions for Improved Member Survey Results

Rahway, NJ  |  October 11, 2016

Since implementing IMM’s eSignature solutions, Hiway Federal Credit Union (Hiway) has seen its member satisfaction survey scores improve significantly. Hiway credits IMM’s technology for creating more convenient member processes and expediting account openings while increasing the credit union’s cross sells.


“In the past, members would fill out a paper application and wait in the lobby for an employee to manually enter the information into our core system,” said Julie Trzebiatowski, director of project management and quality assurance at Hiway. “Now, with IMM’s technology, the application process is completely digital. Our staff can better converse with members, and as a result, we have seen an increase in our level of service as well as cross sell opportunities.”


With IMM eSignatures, Hiway members have the option to apply for accounts in-branch or online from any location. Instead of mailing in paper applications, they receive the necessary documents from Hiway within the hour to eSign and complete the enrollment process. The credit union has found that introducing electronic documents and eSignatures to new account openings is generating both higher quality and more complete applications when submitted.


Hiway has also reduced expenditures associated with printing paper business materials. Since all documents are now electronic, changes can be made quickly and easily, without having to replace a printed stock of applications across its branches.


“It is exciting to see how financial institutions that deploy our eTransaction automation solutions are able to gain efficiencies across all business lines,” said Mike Ball, vice president of markets and strategy at IMM. “More importantly, these solutions are dramatically shifting the member experience. Hiway is making it possible for its members to both start and complete the enrollment process from the comfort of their own homes or wherever they choose. The credit union exemplifies prioritizing the member experience above all else and using our technology to ensure members can bank with ease.”


About IMM

IMM provides complete eTransaction automation to more than 650 U.S. organizations. The company’s fully integrated eSignature, eWorkflow, eLoan and eTeller solutions make transacting easy and convenient for the consumer while creating a more efficient, cost effective and compliant business environment. Any organization needing to remove paper and create mobility within its contract or transaction management lifecycle can benefit from IMM’s services, including financial services, healthcare, insurance, real estate, life sciences, government, legal and education. For more information, visit www.immonline.com.


About Hiway

Hiway Federal Credit Union was founded in 1931 to serve the employees of the Minnesota Highway Department. Today, Hiway serves over 64,000 members in Minnesota and around the country, registers $1 billion in assets and welcomes new membership from individuals and small businesses. Hiway offers its members unparalleled member service and a lifetime of savings through lower loan rates, higher savings rates and fewer and lower fees.

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