eSignatures & Digital Transaction Management for Fiserv Credit Unions


IMM eSign, our enterprise-wide eSignature platform is available with “out-of-the-box” interfaces for your Fiserv banking systems. This allows your Bank to use our advanced eSignature solution across your Fiserv banking systems, as well as any third-party system that you may also use within your banking operation.


Our eSignature solution provides a seamless, streamlined interface for your employees to create and submit transactions for eSignature. This advanced capability eliminates the need to upload documents or drag-and-drop signature fields onto documents to initiate eSignature transactions. IMM eSign’s advanced technology does all the work and eliminates the possibilities of accidental human error.


Consumers can sign documents quickly and easily at a place and time of their choosing. If signing in-branch, eSignatures supports a wide variety of devices in order to create a memorable in-person signing experience. We recently announced that IMM eSign is fully integrated with Verifast – enabling document signing directly on the Verifast tablet device.


Explore our advanced eSignature solution that spans the entire bank to provide you with one comprehensive solution that spans the entirety of your Bank operations.

eSignatures for your Fiserv Core System

There are times when account service or maintenance functions require customers to sign documents for authorization. IMM eSign easily interfaces with your Fiserv Premier, Signature, Precision, DNA or Clear Touch system to enable eSignature processing when required for documents generated by the Fiserv core system.

eSignatures with your Fiserv Account Opening System

Imagine being able to onboard new customers and new accounts without the need for customers to sign paper documents – eliminating the headaches of paper-shuffling and paper-handling.


IMM eSign interfaces with your Fiserv account opening system to provide an enhanced eSignature experience, allowing customers to electronically sign new account forms and documents in-branch – or remotely.


Whether you are using Fiserv BPM, Aperio, Desktop, Originate – or a third-party account opening system, IMM eSign can deliver the electronic signature solution to make your customer on-boarding faster and easier than ever before.

eSignatures with your Fiserv Loan Origination System

Are you seeking ways to close more loans faster while reducing loan abandonment rates at the same time? Now, with eSignatures from IMM – you can provide customers a convenient and easy way to quickly sign new loan documents, when and where it’s convenient for them.


IMM eSign interfaces with a wide variety of loan origination systems, from Fiserv’s own LOS systems, to third-party LOS/Document systems that are popular in the banking community, such as LaserPro.


Use eSignatures to drive elevated levels of lending performance with confidence, knowing that IMM eSign is the right eSignature solution for your lending needs.

Seamless Archival Interface to your Fiserv Imaging System

Last but certainly not least, is IMM’s ability to seamlessly archive signed documents, along with their respective audit trail, into your Fiserv Nautilus, Director, or DDS Imaging/ECM system. Documents are fully-indexed automatically by the IMM technology engine, without employees having to manually key-in index data fields. This unique capability eliminates any human intervention and reduces the potential of errors or misfiling.


Our archival interface uses one of two methods to accomplish the archive function: First, using the Document Import Processer (DIP). This is a utility that is licensed by Fiserv. Second, using the FiAPI API for a more integrated real-time archival approach.


While it is common for Fiserv Banks to utilize a Fiserv Imaging/ECM solution, our archival interface also supports virtually any other 3rd party Imaging/ECM solution that your Bank may choose to use. The same benefits and capabilities mentioned above also hold true for our interface to 3rd party Imaging/ECM systems.

Beyond eSignatures…Digital Transaction Management

Do you have broader digital transformation strategies that go beyond just simple eSignatures. IMMeSign plus provides an extensible digital transaction processing platform that connects the front office experience to the back office process management. Control and enforce critical eSignature and surrounding business processes and tasks to occur in accordance with your Credit Union’s established policies and procedures. Enhance compliance, boost productivity and drive organizational efficiency with IMM’s unique business-rules driven eSignature and digital transaction management solution.

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IMM’s eSignature solution is currently used to power the eSignature needs of over 865 U.S. Financial Institutions. With over 20 years as a Fiserv Partner, IMM has the experience and the technology to help your bank achieve success with your digital transformation project. Combined with our unique commitment to superior customer support and service, IMM is the perfect choice for your Bank’s eSignature project.


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