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Digital Transaction Management

Digital Transaction Management for Banks

For Banks with advanced digital transformation initiatives, IMM offers a powerful digital transaction platform that digitally connects the front office/consumer experience to the subsequent back office processes in a comprehensive, “end to end” environment. For your Digital Transaction Management needs, we’d like to introduce you to IMMeSign plus.


With IMMeSign plus, you get the same front-end eSignature capabilities afforded in our enterprise eSignature platform, IMMeSign. But with an added business rules-based workflow technology that allows you to control and enforce critical operational processes and tasks to occur in accordance with your Bank’s established policies and procedures. With eSign plus, you define the business rules for your specific processing requirements, with flexibility and ease. Enhance compliance, boost productivity and drive organizational efficiency with our unique business-rules driven digital transaction management platform.


Automated Routing

– 1 –

With business rules based routing, eSign plus moves each task to the right person or department, at the right point in time in conjunction with your standard operating procedures.


Alert & Email Notifications

– 2 –

As tasks are moved to an individual or department, email notices and alerts can be delivered to the recipient to keep the process or operation moving efficiently across the back office.


Enforce Procedures

– 3 –

The rules-based workflow engine allows the Bank to configure each task and the actions that can be taken by each employee at each task. This makes sure all activities occur within the scope of your standard operating procedures.


Eliminate Errors

– 4 –

The rules-based task management acts like a check-list, making sure one task is completed before moving the case to the next step. This insures that no actions or tasks can be forgotten or overlooked.


Enhanced Audit Trail

– 5 –

eSign plus creates an operational audit trail that captures all actions taken during the process, by whom and date/time. This provides documentation that your standard operating procedures are being followed at all times.


Automate Archival

– 6 –

With eSign plus, business rules can be created that control specifically when the archival of the completed session documents are moved to your imaging system. You can define any number of post-signing, pre-archival tasks to be performed based upon your specific business needs.

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What is Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a strategic initiative that is rapidly growing in importance to the modern financial institution. Driven largely by elevated consumer expectations set by online retailers, today’s savvy consumers expect to conduct banking transactions with the same ease and online experiences that they are used to with Amazon, as an example.


But true digital transformation doesn’t stop with just the front office experience – rather its a much broader concept of connecting the digital front office aspect of a transaction directly and digitally to the back office processes. It’s about managing the transaction across the subsequent operational tasks with the same relative digital-ease that began with the consumer side of the transaction, creating a comprehensive, end-to-end digital transaction lifecycle.


Empower your digital initiatives with the advanced eSignatures and Digital Transaction Management solutions from IMM.

Our Clients Say it Best

“We couldn’t have digitized this process without the flexibility provided by IMM’s technology.”


“IMM’s eSiganture platform eliminates latency in traditionally paper-intensive processes and expedites the rate at which accounts are opened, fulfilling expectations of both employers and health benefit administrators.”


“Implementing eSignatures wouldn’t have been possible without the high levels of integration and sophistication that IMM provides in its eSign platform.”


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Seeing is Believing

IMM’s eSignature and Digital Transaction Management solutions are the perfect choice for your Bank. Just let us show you why over 1,150 Institutions are using IMMeSign to power their digital transformation initiatives. Click the button below and request a demo to find out why Banks and Credit Unions prefer IMM above the rest.

We are the eSignature Digital Transformation Company

We’ve established a respected legacy of delivering world-class eSignatures with an unparalleled commitment to customer service and success. As the industry has become focused on Digital Transformation, we’ve evolved with it to deliver eSignature and Digital Transaction Management solutions designed to enable Financial Institutions to achieve their digital aspirations and goals.


Explore what makes us the leading source of eSignature and Digital transaction solutions for the Financial Services industry. We’d love to have you join the IMM eSign family!

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