IH Mississippi Valley Expands eWorkflow to Drive Further Process Innovation

Linden, NJ  |  May 15, 2016

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union (IHMVCU) has expanded its use of IMM’s eWorkflow technology to encompass 76 unique, automated workflows that drive operational process efficiency and an enhanced member experience. The credit union is also in the process of implementing up to 30 additional workflows, with a focus on human resources process optimization.


IH Mississippi Valley selected the eWorkflow technology as part of a larger eTransaction automation partnership with IMM; this strategy included the simultaneous deployment of its eSignature platform. The credit union was seeking to improve various document processes by eliminating manual tasks, increasing overall consistency and oversight, and creating a more convenient experience for members.


“It doesn’t matter if it’s a membership form, loan document or wire transfer, incorporating workflows for both member-facing and back-end processing gives us better control of our documents,” said Curtis Jourdan, IHMVCU Enterprise Applications Manager. “We’re approaching 100 plus workflows because they’re efficient. Our staff now has a single source for documents that are current and properly routed, and members can experience the convenience of reviewing, signing and sending documents from anywhere.”


IHMVCU attributes its growing application of eWorkflow to the ease and speed of creating forms and workflows. Katlyn Ellinger, IHMVCU Business Analyst, notes she can, “design and launch simple forms, and workflows in as little as five hours.” The credit union took advantage of IMM’s advisory courses to help staff members better evaluate its inventory of documents and collaborate with IMM to easily map out custom workflows for any given process. For internal audit and risk management purposes, IH Mississippi Valley also benefits from the inherent archive and audit history that IMM’s eWorkflow and eSignature solutions create.


“IH Mississippi Valley is expanding the benefit of electronic documents and eSignatures by automating the processing and transfer of critical activities between hands,” said John Levy, EVP of IMM. “A rules-based workflow manages operational tasks and fosters efficiency, which translates into a far improved member experience. IH Mississippi Valley is a great example of an institution that has truly realized the value eWorkflow can deliver across an enterprise.”


About IMM
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